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Turmeric Massage Oil

I was recommended to try this oil by PureXtract employees four years ago at a Country File Live show. I had sudden shooting pains in some fingers and my thumbs because of Arthritis. A drop of oil was put on each hand, which I massaged into my hands. I was rather sceptical, but have to say that after about a couple of hours the pains in my hands all calmed down, and in particular I had no shooting pains. I am still getting benefit now, although I do have to put the oil on twice a day on a number of days, probably because the arthritis has progressed. I also experienced locking fingers just for a few seconds, which I rarely get now


I recently purchased the 3 trial sizes of massage oil then went on to purchase a large size turmeric massage oil with lemongrass together with a supply of turmeric powders. It’s been about 2 weeks since starting out on my turmeric journey but my knee joint definitely seems easier! Is it the exercises I do or the turmeric? I’m going to continue because it’s certainly not made anything worse.

Nothing short of miraculous!

This product was recommended by a friend who knew I had been on prescription anti inflammatory meds for over a year as this was the only way I could walk without too much pain. The oil in particular has been amazing. Within a week I was able to successfully come off my medication and have been able to stay off. I have severe calcification in both my Achilles and aside from having an operation I never thought I would find something which could ease the pain so much. If I hadn’t tried the product I would never believe it could have such an immediate and continuous effect. It still feels too good to be true but it works. I have already recommended it to other friends who are now reaping the benefit.

Great stuff

Been taking since Xmas, can really feel a difference in my joints, I have subscribed so I never run out.

Vanilla dry extract

Amazing flavour - great to add to shakes, smoothies and desserts



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Turmeric Massage Oils

Turmeric Massage Oils - PureXtracts

100% Pure & Natural

Made only using 100% natural & pure ingredients, our massage oils are so pure you
can even add few drops to your food (something you would have never heard before!)

Turmeric Massage Oil - PureXtracts

Great for pain relief, especially arthritis

Purextracts- great for pain relief and arthritis 

✅ Apply few drops directly on affected area
 Does not stain the skin
✅ Pleasant aroma
✅ Feel the difference OVERNIGHT 


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Available in 5 Variants 

All the 5 variant massage oils are great to any kind of inflammation and aches & pains, like arthritis, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain and lot more. Each variant has the same amount of turmeric + a different pure essential oil that has its own additional health benefit. Choose one that suits you the best:

1. Healing, Calming and Uplifting  Turmeric with Neroli and Orange
2. Healing, Cleansing and Energising – Turmeric with Lemongrass
3. Healing, Relaxing and Soothing – Turmeric with Jasmine 
4. Healing, Moisturising and Restoring – Turmeric with Musk 

5. Healing, De-stressing and Alleviating  Turmeric with Lavender


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