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So potent

What powerful little packets. I can’t believe the taste it’s fabulous. I add to all sorts for a little spice hit. Great for breakfast with yogurt, Lunch in salad dressing or soup and lovely in coconut milk or in my hot chocolate...

Potent suppliment

Amazing taste and essence from such a small packet. Really feel the taste and enjoying the benefits ... Polly

Cumin dry extract

I’ve not tried this before and have only been taking it a few days but I’m pleased to say it seems to be working so far

ginger zing

I've been using ginger dry extract for many months now and am feeling zingy. I take it in a glass of luke warm water first thing and it wakes up my digestive system. I buy the daily balance stickpacks as they're so convenient. The tin box they come in is very useful for storing my bamboo toothpicks! All good. Totally recommend.

Handy little sachets

These sachets are great as they provide you with the right quantity for your daily dose. No measuring out & spilling!


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