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Jasmin massage oil

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now two three times a day but unfortunately with no impact on my hip arthritis , I’ve used a few oils and I must say this one does absorbs into the skin really well

Knees are now pain free

When I first heard about it I had my doubts that it would be so good but opted for the 250ml bottle all the same, I’m cycling for charity next month and I’m I glad I bought turmeric jasmine massage oil, what a game changer as I was improving by the day but wife not so happy about the colour going on the bedsheets but better than me moaning and groaning 😀


We purchased a small selection pack of different oils, once we had used them we bought a big bottle to last us a while longer, we , my wife and I both use it , her on her knee, me on my hands and wrists and ankles, I have rheumatoid arthritis, my wife has horse racing injuries

Been using for three weeks seems to be helping a very painful side of knee. Hoping will work better with more use

So glad I found this oil!

Always very sceptical about reviews for products, however, they were all right. Tried this oil for husband's arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and we couldn't believe how quickly it worked and how it eased his painful knees and feet. Gave a small bottle to our daughter to try as she has RA and osteoarthritis as well and she couldn't believe how quickly it worked on her wrists. Will definitely be purchasing more.

The turmeric and orange has been great for my knees and hands

First time user

I bought a starter pack to give them a try and I extremely impressed. I’ve been using on my neck about 3 times a day and the pain relief it brings is amazing. They all smell lovely but my favourite is the lavender.
Great product, thank you


This stuff truly works and believe me I've tried all sorts of different things. Helps with my arthritis pain and smells amazing. Have just ordered my 3rd lot.

Not sure

I’ve never had any luck with Turmeric products and thought this one might be different. Not so. I’ve stopped using it for a while and trying something else. I can’t use the two products together. This new one’s not that good either so I might go back to my PureXtracts again. So I haven’t given up but feel I can’t give it a high score right now.

Knee injury

Been difficult as saw no difference after one week but persevered & can honestly say it does aid stiffness, I will continue using whilst knee is painful

7 Spice Blend

I originally bought this as part of the healthy joints starter pack, then the healthy joints bundle, liked it so much that I now have it on subscription. Contrary to what others say however, I don't feel the energising effect so much. But I do feel as an overall treatment for my joints together with the turmeric in the evenings and the oil massaged in 2-3 times a day is definitely beneficial for my hip bursitis. I think it's also beneficial for my overall health and I've never had a cold since taking it. As well as the subscriptions, I also get the oils in the massive 250ml bottles. With the subscriptions for the extracts and the large bottles, it works out so much cheaper. I'd recommend doing this if there is a product that you like!

It works

Pain in my knees at night kept me awake for months. I have tried various turmeric based tablets, still on them. But together with the massage oil my knees pain is vastly reduced. Well worth the cost. Tip - don't use much oil at a time otherwise your clothes will develop yellow stains.

Almost immediate relief

I’ve been suffering with aching feet,arthritis,for months purchased new shoes, insoles etc thought I’d give this product a go as reviews were good..pain is 90% better just a little ache here and there. I work in a care home and a lady commented how much better I’m walking!

Turmeric & Lavender massage oil

Delivery was very quick I ordered 2am Wednesday morning ,received 9:30am Friday. I applied the oil 4 times that day then once a day before going to bed. I hadn't been sleeping well most nights 2-3 hours and no sleep at all the other nights this went on for 3 years. Since using the oil I have had 8 hours sleep. Also my badly swollen ankles have gone down a bit after 2 weeks I'm waiting to see if they go down any more. The oil us worth the money just to get some sleep at night.


I am normally sceptical about these things but I have been very impressed, after applying to my achy knee for just 3 days the pain had greatly subsided I have now been using it for 2 weeks and the pain has gone. Would definitely recommend.

It works

I’m amazed that the oil did exactly as I had been told it would do on Instagram!

Fractured ankle

Sceptical at first but thought why not give it a go.Best decision.Tumeric massage oil has helped to reduce swelling around ankle joint and referred pain in knee and hips.

7 Spice Blend
7 spice blend, turmeric extract and massage oils

I am now on my second lot of sachets of the 7 spice and turmeric dry sachets.
I started with the stick packs as this was a good way to see how I would like them or not!
I take the 7 spice in the morning and the turmeric at bedtime as advised. I started taking them as I was experiencing some knee joint and lower back pain for some time and really need some relief.
The 7 spice really does give me an energy boost in the morning and my aches and pains are much reduced. I also use the lemongrass and lavender massage oils morning and evening, (again I tried the smaller bottles to see how I would get on, but have since purchased the larger size, well worth it!) they smell wonderful and have helped greatly! All in all, a very happy customer, would greatly recommend and will continue to use infinitum!

Turmeric and lavender massage oil

I had suffered a sciatic injury after slipping and pulled a muscle in my right buttock at a swimming pool. I came upon this oil on a Facebook Ad and thought I should give it a try. I ordered the small starter pack and I am very happy I took a chance on this product. A week after using the lavender and turmeric oil, the pain went away and I could move about and bend easily. Today I gave my bottle away to a friend who is suffering from knee pains. I’m pretty confident it will relief her pain as much as it has for me. I totally recommend this oil! I will be ordering bigger bottles for my mother who suffers from hip pain. Thank you very much Purextracts!

Sceptical but actually works

I wasn’t convinced this would work but it definitely seems to help. I suffer with inflammation and pain in my thighs as a symptom of ME/CFS. I often use the lavender turmeric oil in the evenings and it really eases the pain which helps me to sleep.

A great help to my aging knees.

Having used, Pure Xtracts now for 6 months, the difference it has made to my arthritic knees is truly noticeable, I have recommended it to friends and family who have also found it beneficial, and have just given some to a family member as a present.

Purely amazing!!

Wow. Purely amazing products. Within 20 minutes from applying the oil, pain in hand had gone. Have arthritis in hands shoulders and knees. (Not toes) haha. was recommended this product and it certainly does what it says. I’ve got the 2 powder packs also .(the joints bundle) and take the 7 spice in the morning and have newfound energy. Tumeric powder in evening 1/8 th teaspoon for pain . Have just bought oil for elderly neighbour birthday present.

Super product

2 weeks using this oil with lavender, and it has definitely helped to relieve the painful thumb joint and I have more movement in the thumb. I love it.

Does what it says.

Brought this for my mum who has an arthritic knee and a plate in her wrist ( broke it ).
She has been using the oil for a few weeks and has noticed a difference in the pain level.

Amazing product

Bought a big bottle after getting the pack of small bottles