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Based on 4056 reviews

I’m always a little sceptical about reviews!
Are they made up?
Thought I’d bite the bullet and try it out.
The turmeric massage oil works.
Will be buying it again


I am so pleased with my Turmeric oil. The relief it has given me is amazing. I have been using it daily and if I feel any discomfort then I rub some into my hands.Thank you.

Soothing massage oil

I was sceptical but applying this massage oil to very painful hands. Eases the pain and definitely takes the edge off the pain. Also a little goes a long way

Lovely product

I purchased Turmeric and Lavender oil for my painful thumb joints and it has worked wonders. I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try.

Excellent product

A word of warning . This stuff hasn’t been a quick fix miracle for me. However, with a bit of patience and perseverance it has made my arthritic knees much less problematic and has allowed me to walk pretty much pain free. I’ve also used it on a soft tissue injury with great effect. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

Perfect solution

I have bad pain in my shoulder and neck, I have had this for approx 6 weeks, I decided to try the sample bottles and I’m so glad I did. The pain is now almost gone after about a week of using. I cannot recommend this enough.

Great new addition

My first order of the large size massage oil and well worth it

Very pleased with this product pain has eased a bit after only using a few times will continue to use

Turmeric massage oil Jasmine

It has a lovely smell to it and when the pain is very bad I rub this into my joints and within ten later pain free almost I would recommend to any one that has arthritis very pleased with it

Very noticeable improvement

I've been using the Neroli & Orange oil for the pain in my knees for almost 3 weeks and there has been a very noticeable improvement. I can now bend my knees more easily and there is definitely less pain. I apply the oil twice a day, morning and evening. I've had no stains to clothing as I massage the oil in well and wait for it to dry. Highly recommend this product.

Pain relief at last

I tried so many products before now finally his oil gave me relief from neck pain. Highly recommend this.

Works well

I was sceptical at first and it took two or three weeks before i noticed a difference , but my arthritic knees are much less stiff and uncomfortable. I will continue to use the oil,

Arthritis in hands

Product is an amazing help and quick delivery too. I can highly recommend PureXtracts

Turmeric oil

This can be helpful in making life easier and less painful. Mobility can improve.

Relaxing smell

This is the second bottle l purchased from the range, the oil l keep going back to is the Tumeric and neroli for my pain and discomfort which l cannot be without but l was looking for someelse for my insomnia, and stress so l thought I would try the Jasmine out. I’m a big fan of Jasmine in my garden, air fresheners, candles and perfumes. Lavender is one that’s highly recommended by specialist therapists for sleep, anxiety ,stress but I’m not a fan, unless it’s English lavender because that’s slightly softer and lighter, but I have to say I was not disappointed with the Jasmine it is a very soft subtle smell. I put a tiny bit on my fingers and then on my forehead and the side of my temples and it just relaxes me. I’m not going to say it knocks me or get me to sleep but it definitely relaxes me. I would recommend this to others. Once again you’ve done it with a turmeric and Jasmine big fan, big fan.

Game changer

How can l describe this product, amazing what many customers are saying but no , this oil has taken out seeing the doctor and surgery. The only options before this oil was go to see doctor, a specialist ,steroid injections, vitamins, prescription drugs to kill the pain , massages regularly and finally surgery . Now depending on your pain knee, back, arms, elbow, etc l bet one all of the above have been or done. I wish this oil was around back when l was in my twenties but that life, it’s in my life now. I have not stopped mentioning your site since l came across it on Facebook. Thank you thank you.

I have hope….

This massage oil is easy to use and I like the fact you can order a small bottle. I am on my second small bottle and will probably do one more small size before committing to a large size.
I think it is helping my knee.

Turmeric Massage Oil - Lemongrass

Starter Pack

I started using the massage oil twice a day, then found out I only needed it once. I now use it at night time & wear copper infused gloves after. Made a lot of difference to the pain of arthritis in my hands

Love these oils

Just made my second purchase and decided to try the lemongrass for day time use and stick to the lavender at night, smells amazing and most of all still pain free, what's not to love


Massive reduction in my osteoarthritis pain. I usually find winter a real struggle however since starting the turmeric sticks a few months back I am managing to keep active and comfortable.

Turmeric massage oil

Amazed how quickly the Turmeric neroli massage oil gave pain relief to my fingers.

Miracle in a bottle!

This product is brilliant! It does exactly what it says on the box (so to speak)! I was very sceptical when I first saw this product advertised. Like so many things you see and read about I thought this might be another gimmick but believe me it does really work. I use it on my shoulders and neck. I first purchased a small bottle (10ml) of the neroli and orange oil just to see what it was like and if it really worked. It sure did. I also put some on my daughter’s neck and she was amazed at how much it relieved the pain- so I gave her the small bottle and ordered a bigger bottle to replace it. This time I tried the jasmine one. I use it almost daily especially in the evening before bed to give me a comfortable nights sleep. If you’re not sure whether this will work for you do what I did - order the small bottle and try it. You won’t be disappointed.!

Brilliant Product

I have Arthritis in my hands and wrists and after receiving the starter kit I have tried all 3 oils. The first time I rubbed the oil into my wrists it started to ease the pain almost immediately. I am very impressed with the product and I will be ordering the full size bottles. I am going away this weekend and the starter kit bottles are the perfect size for travelling. I use the Neroli and Orange or the Lemongrass during the day depending on my mood and the English Lavender at nght. What a brilliant product!!


Tried this on a painful elbow, within 4 days the pain had reduced by 80%