Turmeric Massage Oil - English Lavender

Turmeric oil is great for pain relief, especially arthritis. Lavender destresses and is also a natural antiseptic.


Luxuriate the body and inspire the senses with our aromatic blend of nourishing Turmeric oil and pure English Lavender oil. Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, this rich and warming blend of turmeric and lavender:
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Eases headaches and aches & pains
  • Contains antiseptic properties to ward-off infections
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps with sleep & insomnia
  • Helps reduce acne

Great for anyone suffering with arthritis, after intensive workouts or sports, or for simply relaxing after a busy day at work. We've done the hard work for you so you don't have to - simply apply the Turmeric Massage Oil - English Lavender directly on your skin and feel the benefits!

Our products are never tested on animals and are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme.

To use for a massage, apply oil onto palms of hands or directly onto skin and massage until absorbed. To use in a bath, add a few drops of oil to warm water. Add more if desired. Use sparingly – a few drops go a long way!

Turmeric Oil, Cold-Pressed Sesame Seed Oil, Lavender Oil*

*Allergens naturally occurring in essential oils: Linalool, Limonene

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Philip B.
Sleeping Better

Since using my Cannabis Hemp relief oil I’ve started getting a better nights sleep. I used to wake up quite a few times during the night but now it’s only occasionally. Great help to me


After using the Turmeric with lavender for 3 days it eased the pain, and the stiffness in my neck has completely gone . Will definitely order more and recommend.

Janice S.
Sceptical but it works.

Knees! What a pain they are when you get old. I’ve had an artheroscopy on one and now the other is going wang too. I’ve rubbed this in at night for a few nights and I can’t believe the difference in the morning. My knees don’t feel tight across the top anymore and the swelling has started to go down. Just be careful of you best bed linen though, even if you wipe the excess off it can still stain.

Jude W.
Can't recommend this enough!

I started using this oil 6wks ago now, and I began with the starter oils first, I could not believe the results in under an hour of using a few drops of the oil , I suffer terribly with arthritis in my feet and ankles and there are days when it's unbearable to put one foot in front of the other but this little gem is in a league of its own, I have had all kinds of painkillers and nothing helps, I honestly can't recommend this product enough, I do not do reviews unless I'm 100% sure and happy with the product, I know everyone is different and what works for one won't work for another but I would say you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this. I use 2 small drops to each foot at bedtime, rub in well and that's it and I'm good to go in the morning. I love it I now purchase the bigger bottle of oil which will last for ages.

Relief from Arthritis & Carpel Tunnel

I have to admit I was skeptical about the relief I may receive from these products, having sworn I would never buy through a Facebook Ad again. However, the authenticity of the reviews persuaded me to buy some and see.

I bought the massage oil with lavender and I rub a few drops into my hands and wrists twice a day. It has helped so much that I really notice it if I forget to use it. I have much less pain in my wrists and my fingers are not so stiff.