August 13, 2020

This homemade ginger beer is an excellent drink to sip in a hot summer day. It also makes delicious non-alcoholic alternative to serve your guests at your next cocktail party. Ginger is energising and helps detox your body. 

And with only two simple ingredients (that makes it super-healthy), this recipe is so quick it will leave your guests feeling impressed and refreshed!

Preparation & cooking time: 2 min


  • 1 stick of Ginger Extract (equal to 1/4 tsp loose Ginger Extract powder)
  • 250ml sparkling water
  • Dash of lime
  • Optional extras- ice, slice of cucumber, honey


  • Put ginger extract in a glass and pour over sparkling water. Mix well!
  • Add a slice of cucumber & a dash of lime. Top it up with ice
  • Optional extra: add sugar or honey if you like it sweet! Use this mix in your favourite cocktails instead of using sugar-filled can of ginger beer!
  • Tip: Increase or decrease the ginger extract quantity as per your liking

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