February 15, 2024

Natural remedies, a forgotten lost art

The best gift bestowed upon mankind ever is the Gift of Nature. As Aristotle stated, “If one way be better than another, that you may be sure its nature’s way.” So many cures, so many remedies that can heal, prevent and energise the living souls. Natural remedies have been playing its role in keeping people healthy way before even pharmaceuticals existed.

For instance, In Mediterranean region and throughout Europe Rosemary was believed to strengthen the memory and is an emblem of remembrance and fidelity. In ancient Egypt and Greece various spices like Cumin were used to treat indigestion and any gut related problems. In South Asia, Turmeric, also called Golden Spice was used for treating various ailments from as small as coughs & colds to any serious inflammation & injuries. Similarly, across the world Lavender has been used for healing, de-stressing and perfumery.

The power of plant-based healing practices has always ruled the world one way or another. Many pharmaceutical medicines are inspired by nature. They use the same molecules and compounds that are present in these natural products. For example, Aspirin and Penicillin has compounds that are found in Willow tree, Morphine has the compounds from opium and so on.

The long traditional use of herbs and spices, presence of their bio-active compounds and their healing properties is still inspiring the modern-day medicines for their continued research and meeting future needs.

We believe that every family has their own collection of natural remedies which were passed on through generations.

Some tips to renew this forgotten art of natural remedies:

#1 Ginger for a great energy boost
Ginger’s benefits in treating nausea are widely known, but did you know taking ginger in the morning will give you a boost of energy to keep you feeling your best all day. Additionally, it will give you daily protection against germs and viruses.

#2 Turmeric before bedtime
Turmeric is both high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It alleviates aches and pains while boosting overall health. Using turmeric before bedtime is the best time to reap the remarkable benefits of this spectacular spice.
#3 Cardamom for UTIs
Sometimes called ‘the queen of spices’ cardamom is famous for aiding digestion, but a lesser-known benefit of cardamom is that it is a miracle ingredient for treating UTIs! Cardamom’s diuretic properties help flush out waste, salt, excess water and toxins from the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys and help fight infection.
#4 Clove for treating toothaches
Used as a natural pain reliever for centuries, clove is excellent in treating toothaches because it contains the natural anaesthetic, eugenol and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Clove helps heal toothaches by numbing and reducing pain and decreasing swelling and irritation.
#5 Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac
Vanilla has been used as a natural aphrodisiac since the 1700s. Its sweet scent helps bring about feelings of euphoria and relaxation. So, it’s no wonder vanilla has been a popular ingredient used in perfumes worldwide for centuries!
#6 Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants
Cinnamon, an aromatic sweet tasting spice offers a variety of wellness benefits, such as improving your heart health, treating wounds, helping manage diabetes and fighting infections, bacteria, viruses & allergies.

These natural remedies have passed on through generations and should not be forgotten. To find out more about natural products that you can incorporate into your daily routine, visit our product page.

Note: above information is part of the natural remedies to common problems. If you have specific concerns or persistent health problem, please contact your GP. 

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