Cinnamon Dry Extract

Widely known as the best natural antioxidant, cinnamon can help support healthy immune system


An aromatic sweet tasting spice which works surprisingly well in both desserts and savoury dishes. It has a delicate flavour and light colour. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants that can help support healthy immune system and it can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Please note this is a 15 grams sachet (& not a glass jar) which is a 1-3 months supply. Our extracts are made from kilos of botanical compacted into these small sachets which is the whole concept behind our extracts.

Our Cinnamon Dry Extract uses the finest quality Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka (also called Cinnamon Verum). It recently won Great Taste's 2 Stars award that recognises the amazing taste. They are made from a unique formula that preserves the highest percentage of bioactive & flavour compounds. Enjoy it in food and drinks.

  • 15gm resealable, recyclable packs
  • 100% natural, vegan and dairy-free
  • Very economical - one packet is 3-4 months supply
  • 4Kg of fresh cinnamon from SriLanka goes into making of each packet of our Cinnamon extract
  • Dissolves in water, alcohol and dairy
  • Long shelf-life
  • Ready to use

Add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon to any drink or sprinkle over food. Avoid using boiling water. Can be taken any time of the day, preferably in the morning, so that your immunity boost for the whole day. Tip- add cinnamon to your breakfast routine by adding it to granola, smoothies, juices or just plain water.

Our extracts are very concentrated packed with pure goodness and therefore come in small packaging that will last you for weeks if not months.

Cinnamon Extract & Maltose.
Our cinnamon extract is highly concentrated, so we blend it with natural maltose (found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables) to make it suitable for home consumption.

The information on our website, listings and about the natural products is for information purposes only and does not substitute any medical advice. Our products do not claim to cure any illnesses and if you have any specific concern about any of your condition, you should always contact a medical professional. Sometimes natural products can interact with existing medication. We'd recommend you to speak with your GP if you have any pre-medical conditions or concern about interaction with existing medication.

Customer Reviews

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Cinnamon Dry Extract

I have been using Cinnamon extract for a few months now as I wanted something more natural to help fight against germs. Since using it I have not caught any germs while others at work have been struggling and having time off due to coughs and colds. This is a perfect way to boost immunity and to help stay well. I now have it on subscription as I have seen the huge benefits to my health and wellbeing.

Margaret J.

I love this cinnamon. It is helping to bring my blood sugar readings down, after strugling for over a rear.

Dallas D.L.
Great Products & excellent Customer Service

Since I find the products great I made a last minute decision to purchase some as a Christmas Gift & bring the date of my regular subscription forward. With one telephone call to Purextracts my mission was accomplished quickly & efficiently.

Karen S.

use to stop me catching any bugs and it actually works nit as bad as i usually am

Lilian M.
Love your products

The best solution for my mother's sore hands and shoulder. I deep massage her hands, wrists and fingers with Turrneric Jasmine and it has been a game changer along with red light therapy. She has been using Red Light on them for some time already but the Turmeric Oil shifted the situation that she has been pain free for a day. All areas it has been rubbed in to (shoulders and knees) or massaged in to (hands and wrists)have now decreased or negligible pain. My mother is 91 y/o. Thank you for this wonderful product.