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A great product

I have been taking the turmeric extract for a long time and I am so impressed by the effects on my arthritis. This is so clearly noticed on the occasions when I have run out and had a few days without taking it . As I combine it with using the turmeric oil it enables me to work out to my full capacity and walk for miles over rough terrain without problems ( vital since the pandemic started ) . It is not cheap but it is the best extract I have used .

Another great extract

Have just started using the rosemary extract and am waiting to see how much more impact this has . I have already noticed an improvement so am excited by this great start .

Thank you for the oil what a pleasant smell. I will be ordering the larger one. Again many thanks and it did help

My Turmeric oil is helping me with my pain in my legs and back thank you...I have told all my family and friends about it

painful knees

I have just started using the Turmeric oil after suffering for weeks with painful knees, I found great relief even the first time I used it and the aroma is lovely and uplifting, looking forward to moving freely again.

Coughs & Colds / Hay Fever / Allergies - Bundle

Coughs and colds/ Hay-fever/Allergies – Turmeric Extract, 7 Spice Extract and Cinnamon Extract

Turmeric Extract is considered as nature's ibuprofen and it helps relieve headaches and coughs and colds.

7 Spice Extract and Cinnamon Extract are both high in antioxidants that help fight allergies, infection and viruses. Together the three make the best remedy for coughs colds, hay-fever and allergies.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 x Cinnamon Extract 15gm,
  • 1 x Turmeric Extract 15gm, and
  • 1 x 7 Spice Extract 20gm



Add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon to any drink or sprinkle over food. Avoid using boiling water. Can be taken any time of the day. Tip- Taking cinnamon in the morning can help keep you protect whole day; 7 Spice is energising so it is best taken in the day time and Turmeric is recommended to be taken before bed as turmeric needs time to absorb 



Our extracts are very concentrated packed with pure goodness and therefore come in small packaging that will last you for weeks if not months.


Cinnamon Extract: Cinnamon Extract & Maltose. Turmeric Extract: Turmeric Extract, Maltose. 7 Spice Extract: Turmeric Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Cardamom Seed Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Clove Bud Extract, Ginger Extract, Maltose, Nutmeg Extract.

Our extracts are highly concentrated, so we blend them with natural maltose (found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables) to make them suitable for home consumption.


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