March 02, 2021

Turmeric, Nature's most powerful healer

In the recent years turmeric has attracted a lot of attention for its healing properties but it has actually been used for over 4500 years. The medicinal properties of this spice have been long revealing itself over the years. 


Turmeric is a root that comes from the plant of the ginger family. Native to India & Indonesia, turmeric is widely cultivated in the islands of Indian Ocean and throughout the tropic and sub-tropics. However, the best quality of turmeric is grown in Southern India where the weather and soil conditions are most ideal for its cultivation.


In Ayurveda, which means Science of Life (Ayur for Life and Veda for Science), turmeric is referred to as Nature’s most powerful healer. In some traditional cultures like Vedic and Unani, turmeric is used as a culinary spice, medicine and had religious significance too. For example in India, turmeric paste is still applied to the bride and groom before their religious wedding ceremony.


Long known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, antimicrobial and anticancer progression properties, turmeric has been an interest to many researchers who have revealed that it is a natural wonder and has benefits in the treatment of many different health conditions from arthritis, cancer to Alzheimer’s. It is a powerful antiseptic and can be applied to wounds and cuts.

Turmeric BenefitsTurmeric BenefitsTurmeric BenefitsTurmeric Benefits



Turmeric is a very complex root with over 100 bioactive compounds. The three major compounds in turmeric are turmerones, monoterpenes and curcuminoids. Turmerones and monoterpenes are natural anti-inflammatory and curcuminoids are the natural antioxidants. But the other over hundred bioactive compounds present in turmeric work in harmony with these 3 major compounds to deliver the health benefits and it is utmost important to not ignore the importance of these other bioactive compounds.

This is similar to a human body which is a complex structure of different organs and for the body to work effectively, all organs & other parts must work in harmony. Similarly, your Turmeric supplement needs all the bioactive compounds of turmeric, and not just curcumin, to work effectively and deliver desired results. 

Another main aspect of turmeric root is its low bio-availability due to its water insolubility and lower absorption in human body. Most supplements are made from the fibre of the turmeric which has very low bio-availability and hence they need add-ons like black pepper or fats to increase the absorption.


Purextracts Turmeric Extract is made with a unique formulation where ALL the over 100 bioactive compounds are carefully preserved to their entirety. They are made from the oils of the turmeric, instead of the fibre, and hence they have a very high bio-availability making it easier for the body to absorb all nutrients quickly and you get maximum health benefits for longer. Click here to read reviews of turmeric extract (opens in new window).

Note: above article is for information purposes and is part of the natural remedies to common problems. If you have specific concerns or persistent health problem, please contact your GP. 

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