February 05, 2021



Pain is our body's message to the brain that something is not quite right and needs to be addressed. The main cause of pain is inflammation which can happen in your muscles, bones, joints and even veins. There are many reasons why inflammation happens but the main reasons are injury, normal wear and tear, excessive workout (not just in gym but also in your daily routine), genetics and poor diet. 

Normally many people use pain-killers which stops sending messages from the body to the brain so they can continue normal activities. But when the effects of this pain relief starts to fade then pain returns and in some cases can be more painful than before. The reason for this is because rather than addressing the root cause of the problem (i.e. the pain/inflammation), the pain relief just stopped the signals being sent from body to the brain and hasn't solved anything. Hence it is very important to STOP taking the pain-killers and address the root cause- inflammation. 


Nature provides us with many ways that can help to tackle inflammation. Some natural spices can relieve inflammation and have been used by many people for centuries as an effective alternative remedy such as Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper & Nutmeg. 

Turmeric is often referred to as the golden spice for several reasons but most notably because of how it has drastically reduced inflammation for many people across the world. When turmeric is combined in the right ratio with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper and nutmeg it can provide an amazing recipe to treat inflammation quickly and naturally. All these spices are rich in antioxidants which can promote prevention of bacteria, infections and viruses.


Most kitchens have these spices in their cupboard & fridge but they are generally not effective. This is because they are grown for flavouring purposes in regions where they can be mass produced at cheap prices and therefore lose the bioactive compounds which make the real difference. 

If you want to rely on natural extracts or spices for health reasons, you will have to make sure they come from the right region where the soil and weather conditions are right to grow these spices. For example, the best ginger that preserves all its goodness is grown in Nigeria whereas the ginger we get in supermarkets is most likely come from a country where it has been mass produced. Similarly, turmeric comes from a small region in South India whereas the turmeric powder we get is mass produced for flavouring purposes. 


PureXtracts enable people worldwide to access these extracts and spices with all bioactive compounds preserved. Our extracts are made from the oils of these natural spices at a very low temperature so that all bioactive & flavour compounds are fully preserved (click here to learn more). 98% of our customers have endorsed these products in their efforts to relieve pain and inflammation but also for their great taste, evidenced from various great taste awards we have won over the years.  

PureXtracts procure all our spices from the region & country where they are best grown depending on the soil and weather conditions. Our turmeric comes from a very small region of South India, Ginger from Nigeria, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Clove from Indonesia, Cardamom from Guatemala, Black Pepper and Nutmeg from India. Turmeric, along with these 6 Spices makes our 7 Spice Extract. In our 7 Spice Extract, these spices are expertly measured to deliver the anti-inflammatory benefits as well as a great taste.

Because our extracts are so potent, they work faster and last longer and aim to help you feel good from the inside out. You only need a tiny amount per day and each 20gm packet is a 2-3 months supply.

We recommend 7 Spice Extract be taken in the morning and Turmeric Extract be taken before bed to get the most effective relief from inflammation. While these extracts work on inflammation from inside your body, our unique, one of a kind Turmeric based massage oils provide effective and long-term relief on the effected area. Just apply few drops on the effected area and gently massage for effective pain relief.

Note: above information is part of the natural remedies to common problems. If you have specific concerns or persistent health problem, please contact your GP. 

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